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Be You On Your Big Day- Not Anyone Else

Have you ever attended to a wedding and wonder why the bride looks so different than she is on average days? Have you noticed people talking about the change of appearance of the bride behind her back? These are very normal circumstances, and all we wish is, may we not face such awful situations on our wedding day. One of the main reasons for why someone is not that one on the wedding day can be due to the too much usage of makeup. Brides are the best and most loveable when they are simple, with minimal make up. Then the hair style. Some hairstyles do not really match the dress or the face cuts of some brides, and this again makes them not them on their very special day. Here are some facts to consider about your hair do on your wedding day

It should match your dress

Your dress can have its own unique way of neckline and the shape. Always, this should be matched with the hair style chosen, and this has to be done under the consultation of your wedding hair stylist Sydney. Wedding dresses that have high necklines attract hair ups, and for low necklines you may have your hair down. Also, if the dress has too many decorations in it and is already complicated, always it best to keep the hair simple as possible.

Don’t go for drastic changes

Some young ladies out there go for drastic changes with their hair when the wedding is near. Advice is not to do so. Do not cut and chop your hair if you have not done so earlier. Do not take a risk. Also even if you want to, don’t even go for too much of hair spray on your wedding day for that may look odd to a person who really observes you.

Do not let others decide what you should have

Getting the ideas and advices of the bridal hair stylist is fine as long as she / he knows your exact preferences. You should explain that you value the freedom over anything on your wedding day to your hair dresser. If you don’t like the smell of the hair spray, you have to tell that too. And, if you don’t like pins being all around the head because you tend to get migraine for them, you have to tell that too. That’s how you can feel free as a bride, without our hair do giving an extra burden to you. People will say different things, but mind it, it’s your hair, it’s your big day and it’s you. Not them. Do what you feel as free and pretty, and that’s all what matters.