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Fighting Drink Driving For Safer Roads

VicRoads Behaviour Change Programme

VicRoads, the state of Victoria’s road and traffic administration, has been a leader in encouraging road safety and lowering occurrences of drunk driving. VicRoads has devised a behaviour change programme drink driving to address the issue of drunk driving as part of their all-encompassing strategy. This programme strives to inform and empower people to make moral decisions, ultimately resulting in a safer driving environment for everyone.

Education and Awareness-Raising

In the VicRoads Behaviour Change Programme, knowledge-building and awareness-raising are given top priority. It uses a variety of platforms, including advertising initiatives, social media, and involvement in the community, to increase awareness of the risks associated with drunk driving. These initiatives seek to undermine societal acceptance of this behaviour and provide people with the information they need to make wise judgements. VicRoads seeks to change attitudes and ideas about drunk driving by emphasising the negative effects, such as accidents, injuries, legal repercussions, and fatalities.

Assistance and Rehabilitation

VicRoads is aware that behaviour change calls for more than simply awareness—it also calls for assistance and treatment. For those who have been found guilty of drunk driving offences, the programme provides a variety of services, such as counselling, educational opportunities, and rehabilitation programmes. These programmes are designed to address the root reasons for drunk driving behaviour and provide participants with the skills and tactics they need to overcome obstacles. The programme aims to prevent reoffending by offering a friendly atmosphere and emphasising personal development and responsibility and encourage sustained behaviour change.

Partnerships and Collaboration

VicRoads is aware that combating drunk driving necessitates a collaborative strategy. To create a coordinated and integrated response, the Behaviour Change Programme closely collaborates with law enforcement organisations, healthcare providers, community organisations, and other stakeholders. VicRoads can increase the impact of their work and reach a larger audience by combining their resources and knowledge. Joint campaigns, training sessions, and the sharing of data and research findings are examples of collaborative projects. This multi-sector strategy aids in ensuring a thorough and ongoing attack on the problem of drunk driving.

Impact measurement and ongoing improvement

VicRoads regularly assesses the program’s success and keeps track of important metrics pertaining to occurrences involving drunk driving. This data-driven methodology and encourage sustained behaviour change.

Partnerships and Collaboration

They can use Vallow to spot trends, gauge the results of actions, and modify their strategy in light of the available data. VicRoads can stay responsive to new issues and guarantee the most efficient use of resources by routinely reviewing and enhancing the programme.

The VicRoads Behaviour Change Programme is a thorough and proactive strategy for tackling alcohol driving in Victoria. The programme seeks to alter attitudes, lower recidivism, and make all roadways safer through education, support, collaboration, and evaluation. VicRoads is making great efforts in building a culture of responsible and sober driving, eventually saving lives and preventing injuries on the roads, by tackling the causes of drunk driving and encouraging personal responsibility.


Why VOC Is Needed?

v o c  t r a i n i n g  c o u r s e

Any company that is working in the business of providing services or contracting for infrastructure or construction projects, need to invest heavily to find skilled and experienced resources. Because if the company will not be having competent staff to work on projects, they won’t be able to deliver their projects. Plus, any large firm that will be needing a contractor for their project will be needing a company that have good resources and equipment. This means that if you are a contractor and want to win big contracts, then you should always be working on the competency of your people. This is the reason the companies go through the verification of competency training. The verification of competency training not only helps the contractor but also the client as they will be able to evaluate the competency of the people, who will be working on the project. The company needs to have regular VOC training courses as that can help to check the competency of their staff.

Some people think that a VOC training course is not necessary and seems to be an extra expense. But when you go deep and check the criticality of the performance, that is needed by the people working on the project, this expense seems justified. Also, not only for the eligibility criteria but if any company wants that they should remain on the top of their trade, they should be opting for verification of competency training.


For any contractor, who wants to bid for large contracts then they should take the VOC training course seriously. If the client will start assessing the competency of people and they found them not up to mark, the company can be blacklisted to bid in future. Even, regular VOC training courses are necessary as, during the project, there will be a change of resources, so VOC can help to keep eye on the competency of new joiners


When you have to deal with heavy equipment and you have people on board who will be operating that equipment, then you must be aware of their competency. As the heavy equipment need specialized skills and training, any mishap can lead to severe financial and legal implications. You will only be sure about the skill of the people dealing with heavy equipment when you will be assessing them through verification of competency. This is the reason; people have qualified people in their company to check the competency of other people. Verification of competency training helps to educate and develop more people, to assess the skills of the company’s human resources.


Some new rules and laws keep coming about the work practices. Also, there are new requirements for running the operations of the business. With help of the Voc training course, it become easy to keep updated about new rules and regulations. That help to prepare your business plan accordingly.


Have You Gotten The Right Instructor?

How are you going to learn to drive? Any kid would answer that question. If you are a beginner, the best place would be a driving school. It is not a difficult task to find it out in your city or close to the city. Driving skills are very essential in day-to-day life regardless of the age or gender. But, when it comes to the age, children below 18 are not allowed to drive or to get the license. Nevertheless, we should understand what is more critical in this matter. The driving school, or the driving school? The majority of you would say that it is the instructor. Or in other words, the trainer who conducts the lessons. Hence, it is better to know the factors to be considered when you are about to choose an instructor for yourself.

Others’ opinionsBefore you make this kind of a decision, you can take a recommendation from someone else who has previous experience. For instance, you can ask a friend, who was his/her instructor and how was the service etc.

The grade This is not a known fact. Did you know that there’s a grading system available to reflect the ability of an individual who carries out a driving school Carlton at Port Phillip Drive School. They are also assessed by a DSA examiner every two years and after the test he gives them the grading depending on how well they face it. Generally, the grades range from 1 to 6 and there are very few instructors who have been awarded grade 6. However, the industry standard is Grade 4, which means anyone who has that particular grade would be recognized as a good instructor. Therefore, check whether the one whom you selected, have reached the standard.

The vehicleYou must see whether the instructor has a relatively new, modern car or any other vehicle. Because, if he has an old car, then it is not ideal for a beginner to learn how to drive. The transmission system, pedals, the gear box are a bit different in old vehicles, so that when you try to drive a new vehicle, you will struggle.

Driving LicenseNo one is allowed to ride a vehicle on the road if he/she doesn’t have a driving license which is offered by the government. Then there’s no debate that driving instructors should definitely have his license before he conducts lessons for his students. And remember that you are involved in an illegal activity if you start your course with someone who doesn’t have a valid license. It is not a big deal to find the right person, as long as you keep an eye on above elements.