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What Are The Uses Of An Oxygen Machine?

An oxygen machine more commonly known as the oxygen concentrator which is the machine used to supply the oxygen and these kind of machines are commonly used in the medical industry. In some medical condition the patient respiratory system is not this much strong that it could extract the oxygen from the air which is inhaled. In this case, the oxygen machine is used to pump the pure and continuous oxygen so that the lungs do not have to do the extra work and the patient could breathe easily.

Commonly the therapy which is provided by the oxygen machine is the oxygen therapy in which the oxygen is supplied to the patient and it could help in the recovery of number of diseases such as the asthma, chronic problems, and many other breathing difficulty. However, this much pure concentration of the oxygen could lead to certain other mild problems as well because our body is not immune to inhaling this much pure oxygen. The oxygen therapy could lead to the dryness of mouth, there could be fatigue and hallucinations and other worse conditions could be that the air may get trapped in the esophagus.

Apart from this, the oxygen machine needs to be handled with the care, the oxygen machine which have the cylinders are not safe because these could burst out when the pressure increases but then the oxygen concentrators were used which eliminated the use of stored oxygen in the cylinder and made the oxygen from the ambient air. These were much more secure and not only these were secure but these were cost effective as well. Even though these concentrators are safe but still there could be accidents and certain cautionary steps must be taken to make sure that the environment is safe. If you are interested about nitrogen gas generator you can visit this website

There must be no smoking around the area where the oxygen is supplied. There could be a possibility that there are leak in the supply and if you light up even a little flame the oxygen could catch the fire since it is highly flammable.  Apart from this, there must be no heat sources around it even these are very minor ones. The lotions and creams which contains the petroleum are also dangerous around the oxygen concentrators. Apart from this, every manufacturer has added the safety measures for using the oxygen machine. You must follow all these and must have a backup for the emergency situation as well.