The Different Types Of Screw Anchors Available

One of the most important part of any hardware kit is a set of screw anchors. Many different kinds of screw anchors are available in the market. They are divided into different categories based on different criteria. They can be classified according to their usage, the purpose, the constituent material and the size. Some have only the basic features of a metallic corkscrew while some others have more advanced features such as attached appendages and other support mechanisms.

The most common screw anchors are made of metals. Metallic screw anchors are the most durable type and are used universally for many different purposes. The most common metal used is iron. Iron has been used to manufacture ground screws and other tools ever since industries first started to emerge. Iron is a versatile metal that has many uses and is easy to work with. It is easy to mould into different shape, is relatively hard and sturdy and can hold many substances together. The most common type of iron used is cast iron. Cast iron is not iron in its pure form but used other metals added to iron for their different properties. This combination of metals is called an alloy.

An alloy is made by heating metals to their boiling point and when they are liquefied, they are mixed together to form a single metal. The newly formed metal through this process has the properties of both the constituent metals. Chrome is usually added to make the new alloy rust resistant and less prone to corrosion. It is also added to provide a golden yellow shade when aesthetics are concerned. Chrome is a light weight metal that waterproofs iron tools and equipment.

Similarly carbon is another common additive. Although carbon is  not a metal itself, it has some benefits of typical metals. It conducts electricity and has a positive charge. Carbon is added to metal to form cast iron and other such forms of steel. The resultant mixture is usually stronger and harder. On the flip side, it offers less flexibility and breaks more easily than pure iron. Carbonated anchor screws are usually used for construction purposes because of their strength and durability. The built of an anchor screw used on wooden surfaces is different from ones that are used for concrete or metal.

Wooden anchor screws are usually much thicker in diameter and much longer in length than other varieties. This is because wood is usually softer than other substances and a more tightly fit screw is used to hold the attachment in place. Another common and cheap option is plastic anchor screws. They are small, lightweight and fit more easily. Despite their light weight, they are firm and last a long time. They also have the added advantage of being waterproof.